I went to a meetup in Tokyo, and they had this incredible pizza there. My friend @k_katsumi told me that the pizza was from Salvatore Cuomo, a very popular pizzeria known for it’s authenticity. As someone who has eaten authentic Italian pizza in Italy itself, I could confirm that this was true!

I had a plain Margherita pizza, but there was at least one other flavor there. When I mentioned how good the pizza was to another friend, he told me that the other flavor is Tuna-Mayo-Corn! I couldn’t believe they would order such a crazy pizza for a meetup! I don’t think anyone would have ordered this in the U.S., even if it was an option! Oh, and it sounded horrible.

But my friend reassured me that apparently this type of pizza is super popular in Japan. And he dared me to try it… and I can’t turn down new food… So I bravely took the pizza and had a bite… IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!! I ate the whole slice and LOVED it.

I still think about how good it was sometimes. Seriously salivating while writing this blog post… I’m going to have to get a whole Tuna-Mayo-Corn pizza for myself on my next trip to Japan!

Never underestimate the Japanese on making the most incredible mind-blowing food!