As I'm getting ready for my big move, I went through all my stuff and threw out half of it. I got it down to about 3 big suitcases. I know, I need to do even better, but that winter stuff and shoes take up space! Either way, I feel super good about the small amount of stuff I now have. I can travel with one big suitcase and a backpack and be well off as a nomad. 

I was talking to a friend who is also moving, and the biggest challenge for him is his books. He loves his books, and wants to keep them. I love to read as well... and I consider my kindle to be my top most valuable possession I can't live without (up there with my computer and phone!). Having a kindle means having access to the whole world of books and it takes up barely any space. I LOVE the kindle! What a great piece of technology!

That said, my friend (and I know many others out there) loves the physical feel of books. I kept asking him more about his love for physical books (I honestly don't get it - they're clunky and heavy and awkward to hold) - it came down to him loving to look at a shelf of books and deciding which one to read. Makes sense I guess.

I'm just excited to have my kindle for my books, and the whole internet for watching movies when I want without having them hold me down. Thank you technology!