I was working out of an office right next to SFMOMA for over a year, and the whole time, it was shut down for renovations... So when I was in San Francisco for two weeks this month, I made it a point to check it out now that it finally opened up again!

I really enjoyed the whole space - we started from the 5th floor to make sure we got to walk on the amazing bridge!

From there, we made it up to 7th floor, and then a few floors down before we got exhausted and just hung out at Sightglass Coffee on the 3rd floor. Sightglass was also exciting - it had super fun interactive exhibits, including #selfcomposed - a camera where you can put any item down on the screen and have your picture in a fun frame: 

However, my favorite exhibit was a short film about a bubble floating through the world. It's so powerful. We all know that the bubble will burst at the end, but we're all rooting for it to survive and live happily ever after.

There are heart-wrenching moments when the bubble almost bumps into a wall or almost falls on the floor before it misses it's fate by just a tiny gust of wind in the right direction. The strength and the fragility of the bubble at the same time are so terrifying. 

And at the same time, this is how our life is. We are all fragile bubbles floating through the world. We know how our story will end just as surely as we know that the bubble will pop sooner than later. 

Yet, the bubble floats through all kinds of cool rooms and spaces. It has a pretty cool life. The bubble is a beautiful and poignant reminder that life is short and fragile and we should make the most of it