I’ll be honest, downtown Sydney is pretty boring for someone who grew up in Chicago. Just normal skyscrapers. Except for one place - the incredibly iconic Sydney Opera House. It looks just as incredible in person as you have seen in movies.

So I spent almost an entire day with my friends @jimmynhoran and @chrisbritt around the Sydney Opera House - mostly jumping…

Seriously, that is the funnest thing to do in front of the Opera House - be a total tourist and jump for photos with friends :) Maybe even a nice couple will stop and take photos of all of your together:

We also walked around to the other side, through beautiful gardens, looking at the icon from different points of view:

My friend @jimmynhoran made this amazing time-lapse of the harbour from the Sydney Harbour Bridge:

The bridge itself isn’t too bad either…

Next time, I’ll have to walk on top of it! Also, I’ll need to see an opera inside the opera house!

Arrivederci Sydney!