So I'll admit it. I brought my Self Stick with me on my journey! But until now, I either forgot it or was too embarrassed to actually use it. However, yesterday, I decided to go on a hike - it's the middle of the week, so there was very low risk of anyone seeing me with a selfie stick! I brought it along. 

Well, turns out Selfie Sticks ARE THE BEST!!! I LOVED IT. I had way too much fun taking selfies. And it was super nice to have some pictures with myself in them. As a solo traveler, I don't have many of those. My arms are pretty short, so when I do take selfies, it's just half of my face and no scenery. With the selfie stick, I was able to capture a picture of myself and pretty scenery at the same time!!! Totally life changing!!!!

The other nice thing was using Selfie Sticks to take regular pictures. It's a lot more ergonomic - I don't have to hold the slippery phone, tap to focus, then click the button to take the photos. Much more stable!

Conclusion: The benefits of bringing the Selfie Stick along far outweighs the embarrassment of being seen with a Selfie Stick. I'm charging mine already for next time!