One thing about traveling is that the more you travel, the more you learn about other places to travel to and experiences to experience! There are so many amazing things about this world!

As I've been talking to people here in Amsterdam during the past week, they'd recommended to visit The Hague, Utrecht, Rotterdam. I've never heard of these places before, but they sound amazing! I'm also close to Germany, and am really tempted to visit my family in Frankfurt. Oh, and tomorrow, Santa Claus comes to town!

But the truth is I'm mostly working here in Amsterdam, so I won't even have time to see all the things I want to see just in this city while I'm here. So I have to trust that I'll be back here again and get to see and experience these other things eventually, but for now, I need to stay put in this magical city, work, and be ok with and grateful for the experiences I do get.