Part of being a nomad is running away… Running away from society, running away from your family, running away from your friends, running away from adult responsibilities, running away from your country, running away from yourself.

If you don’t like something, it’s ok. You’ll be moving on to a new destination in a few days anyway.

I can still hear my grandma yelling after me “You can’t outrun society forever” as I leave after yet another disappointing argument about how I should be focused on giving her great-grandchildren instead of traveling. Oh, and how I can never be happy without a husband and children…

But being a nomad is also running towards something - courage, fearlessness, diversity, discovery, magic, the world, your destiny, your true self.

After 2+ years of being a nomad, I know for sure that “normal” life is just not for me, no matter how much easier it would be to just follow the rules and live it.