For my 30th birthday, I decided to do something crazy… dye my hair purple!!! I’ve always been too scared to dye my hair… I was raised to think that my hair would fall out if I do. And of course, there was society’s judgement on those who have dyed hair other than the normal blonde or maybe some red.

I would have never though to dye my hair purple in my 20s… what would people think of me?!! Would I even be able to get a job? Be taken seriously in a business deal? All I managed was to get a very small hidden purple extension once. It was the best and I LOVED IT!!! I didn’t take it out for six months, even though it was only supposed to last three.

At I was quickly approaching my 30th birthday - having achieved my dreams of becoming a nomad and having my own business, I no longer cared about what other people thought, AT ALL. So refreshing! Being 30 is seriously THE BEST!!! I can do whatever I want - no judgement. After all, the harshest judgement comes from ourselves.

I was in Tokyo at the time, so of course I asked my friend @akio0911 for help. @akio0911 went out of his way to make sure I had a great experience by coming along and bringing other friends! Another friend I was traveling with decided to dye his hair purple as well!

We went to rave Action and Hair! I meant to get highlights, but since I didn’t speak Japanese, I really didn’t know what was going to happen.

I explained the best that I could, but in the end, I just decided to go with it! I also chose to add some pink in addition to the purple! Since my hair was dark, they had to first bleach it and I got to be blond for a moment!

SPOILER ALERT: by now, the purple and pink in my hair has washed out and I’ve been blonde instead for a while 😂

I was super excited to see it all come together. They even put a little blue glitter string in my hair!

And here is the final reveal! I always choose to get my hair straightened, since I’m too lazy to ever do it myself:

My hair was soooooooo soft, I had to buy the Aujua shampoo. I still have it, and my hair is salon-soft every single time I wash it. And no, my hair has not fallen out!

I couldn’t be more grateful for everyone who joined me that day. It was soooooooo much fun!!!!

And finally, I was free! I didn’t see what the big deal was with dying hair. It’s fun! And it was fun to be who I wanted to be! Here I am, with my purple hair in the wild. A snow queen!

The only thing that was annoying was that I couldn’t see my own hair. It was soooooo pretty…

I couldn’t be happier being my true self, free, not caring what others think, proudly being myself during my 30th birthday lunch: