I've been working hard for the past few weeks - both finishing up all the things before the New Year and to kickstart all my New Year projects. I've also gotten used to my current location - I have my grocery stores (the close one and the further better one), my work out classes, a few friends (yesterday, I ran into someone I knew on the street!), my routine, etc. When I walk somewhere, I usually don't need a map any more than I would in a place where I've lived for a while. 

Every day has started to feel pretty mundane. I wake up, I eat, I work, I eat more, I work more, I work out, I clean, I read, I go to bed and repeat the next day. It feels nice. Like being back to my normal self. It doesn't feel like my life is a vacation anymore, which is how I want to feel - this is a lifestyle I want to have for years to come. 

When everything changes, my work, routines, and habits keep me grounded. After all, this is stuff I've been doing for years. I've still gone out to new cafes and restaurants once in a while, and have met new people, and even went on a cool small hike, but other than that, the everyday is back to normal, and it feels great! Before this, in Amsterdam (first nomad stop), I broke a lot of my routines and habits - that was a mistake! 

Of course, now that I'm feeling like a local in Auckland, I'll be going to Tokyo this weekend, so I'll see if I can manage to make it feel normal still. But I think I can. I finally have a way to ground myself no matter what changes come my way.