I'm not a map person. It's hard for me to look at a map and understand where to go. So I've been using Apple Maps + Apple Watch to navigate my way to my destination. The Apple Watch is really nice for this because it taps you when you need to turn, reducing the time I spend looking at my phone to make sure I don't miss my turn and increasing the time I look around and take in the new sights in front of me. 

Which brings me to my next point - instead of maps, I'm a landmark person. When going somewhere new, I need to use a Maps App, but I can usually find my way back to my apartment without even opening the maps app once. I recognize all the landmarks I passed by on the way there and can figure out exactly where to go based on that. 

Which brings me to one cool realization I've been noticing using this system (maps app to get there, landmark mark). While going to my destination, I'm looking at everything around me, but on my way back, there are very specific little landmarks that stand out to me (the funny duck store, the sketchy message parlor, the cold-pressed juice place, the grocery store, the creepy barbie museum, the place with a cool quote in the window, the outfit in the store display window, the powerful art piece).

The things that stand out on the way back show me the things I really notice, telling me a lot about what I really care about.