The cool thing about visiting Logroño was that I was with locals. The thing to do there is to go pinchos (aka pinxtos aka tapas) hopping on or around Calle Laurel

You're basically going with a big group of friends from one tiny restaurant to the next, where each restaurant serves a small specialized food item (or a few) and of course local 🍷 at a super cheap price compared to what I'm used to in San Francisco! 

I had mushrooms, setas, cider, chicken, cheesecake, potatoes with salsa, shrimp + pineapple skewers, tomato + tuna plate, and a lot more each at different place in one night! It's a really great way to get a tasting of local cuisine without committing to a long sit-down dinner at one place. 

My favorite part of the experience was having one person in our group responsible for all the money and ordering. We each put in €10 or €20, and as we went hopping from one pinchos place to the next, we didn't have to worry about paying / how much each single person got, etc, letting us to fully enjoy the experience. 

It felt like we were one big family.  

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