Anything that has the word “hidden” in it’s name is way too tempting not to do… and in this case, hidden does mean hidden. As in, the Beji Guwang Hidden Canyon is not that touristy. We only saw one other group hike it while we were doing it.

“Beji Guwang Hidden canyon is a river with a stone wall that is formed and patterned very wonderful because eroded by river water for hundreds of thousands years to create a masterpiece that makes everyone amazed.” ~ Bali Hidden Canyon Tour

When you get there, you are immediately have to pay a guide to take you on the hike through the river. The cost is around 120,000 IDR or $9. It’s worth it - you NEED the guide! If anything, the guide should be paid more!

You’ll be walking through a river, so you will get wet! Completely wet! This is just the start of the hike:

Luckily, they provide lockers where you can put your shoes and other valuables. There is also an Eastern-style bathroom and water available for changing and washing after the hike. The guide also has a completely water-proof bag where you can put your phone or camera.

Right away, the hike is intense. You’re going through a river with a current! You have to climb on the wet canyon walls. It’s slippery. You’re barefoot. The water is brown, so you cannot see where you’re stepping. You have to follow the guide at every step. There are a million things that could go wrong. You get wet! Very wet! Completely wet! You have to cross the river to the other side. The guide will guide you and tell you what to do! It’s terrifying! You feel the adrenaline rush!

You pose for the camera in all the chaos - like you’re having just a normal wonderful adventure.

The views are spectacular and magical, but the hike is too intense to truly look and enjoy. You have to survive! The guide says you can jump. The rocks and current are too much. Too dangerous. I don’t jump. But my friend does. Remember to swim!

Enjoy the adrenaline rush!