Since I'm now working for myself, remotely, while traveling, I now have to self-motivate to get work done even more than before. I've found that the best thing that works for me is the "One Thing" trick. 

When I wake up (or the night before), I think "What is the one thing that I can do today to feel like I had a successful day, even If I nothing else gets done today". No matter what, I end up getting that one thing done.

The "one thing" is usually something that seems super hard. Of course, some days the super hard thing is to go grocery shopping in a new foreign country. Other times it's work related - a big task on a project. Or sometimes it's working out after a long hiatus. Or finalizing travel arrangements. Or sending an email I'm feeling anxious about. So the one thing is not always a task that takes a long time or anything. It's just something I've been avoiding for whatever reason and have to finally get done. 

Sometimes, when the task is big, I have a weekly "one thing". If I get nothing else done this week, I'll feel accomplished if I do this "one thing". This week, my "one thing" is to get my taxes done . 

I also use the "one thing" for travel, since I have to work most of the time while traveling. If I see / experience this "one thing" in this country, I will be a happy tourist. In Amsterdam this time, the "one thing" was visiting and getting a tour of the Van Gogh museum. Once I did that, the next "one thing" was seeing the tulips. 

Of course I get more than the "one thing" done daily and weekly, but having a goal of only "one thing" to get done to feel accomplished and productive keeps me focused and feeling good. I've found it also to be the best way to handle stressful work times - amid all the stress and all the things I have to do right now, it lets me focus on only "one thing". Once I get that "one thing" done, I can focus on the next "one thing".