Europe (and most likely other places in the world) are known for having super slow service in Restaurants and Cafes (yay no tips!). I've definitely guiltily gone to Starbucks before in Paris just to get tea without having to sit down, wait for it, then wait forever for the check. 

In theory, the slow service is nice and relaxing if you have all the time in the world. But in practice, I have to work at some point during the day, so I can't afford to be out for 2-3 hours every time I get a meal. I've gotten stressed out about this a few times, since I did have to get work done.

In America, I used to take an hour for lunch to decompress and get refreshed. But now I just bring my computer with me to the restaurant - most have really good Wi-fi (at least in Amsterdam) - and I work while waiting for my food and after I'm done eating (waiting for my check, which usually never comes and I have to go up to them and ask for it when I really want to leave). 

The nice thing about this is that I get a really cool and inspiring office for a few hours - each cafe or restaurant has it's own vibe, people, music and I don't feel rushed internally knowing that I need to go back to my apartment or coworking space to actually work. I know it's normal to hang out in a cafe all day, so I don't have to leave so another customer can have my seat so the restaurant makes more money. It's quite relaxing and enjoyable!