I didn't have much time to prepare for or research the traveling lifestyle when I first started my journey a bit over a month ago. But I finally have some time to read at night, so I'm reading a few travel books.

This week, I read Art of Solo Travel: A Girls' Guide to Long Term Travel. The book was a quick and short read. And unfortunately, with not much substance or something I could relate to.

The author traveled for a year to a bunch of countries. The big secret on how she did it on the cheap? She used Couchsurfing and cooked her own meals. That is fine in and of itself, but there was no substance beyond that. She liked couchsurfing and met cool people through it, but there were absolutely no stories beyond that. There were hints of romantic encounters on her trip, but again, no story. 

She says you grow as a person, but didn't share how she grew. From my understanding, she learned that she liked working in a cubicle. So she just went back to her job after the year. I would too if I had to Couchsurf and not go out for a year... 

Basically, this is more of an outline of your travel plan, and there really isn't much advice that is specific to women. Carry pepper spray and be careful. Oh, and bring a hair dryer as a luxury item... No heels though.

It just seemed like the author wanted to write a book, but wasn't willing to share anything personal about her own travels and experiences.