On my way to Amsterdam, I did a weekend layover in Iceland! The only thing I had time to do was visit the Blue Lagoon. Since I didn't have time to go to the city to eat, I made a late lunch reservation at the Blue Lagoon Lava Restaurant. I was super hungry by 2pm though, so I got to the restaurant by 2:30pm hoping they'd have an early table opening. 

The did not, but they mentioned that another solo person just started lunch and mentioned that if anyone wanted to join him, he'd be ok with it. 

Earlier, while alone in the Blue Lagoon, enjoying myself immensely, I still felt like I should be more social and strike up a conversation with random people like some of the others around me have been doing. I wasn't brave enough to do it. So having lunch with a random person sounded like a great way to be social!

The other traveler lives in Thailand and travels a lot. I got to learn a lot from him as we talked throughout lunch. We didn't become best friends or anything, and didn't even exchange information. But it was a nice change to learn something from someone vs eating alone reading my Kindle - which is what I usually do when eathing alone. 

I like the idea of telling the restaurant host that if anyone wants to join me, they can. I'll try it out in the future!