One of surprising things I enjoyed in Amsterdam was going to the zoo. Here is why: 

Lemur Island

While this initially sounded terrifying, the Artis Zoo does have a Lemur Island where the lemurs just roam free around you. Don't worry, I didn't get attacked! Instead, I stepped onto Lemur Island when the sun came out, which the lemurs really enjoyed. They were paralyzed by it. 

As soon as the sun hid, they too hid: 

I love the sun too. That is why my next destination is New Zealand for December. Who knew that I have some lemur inside me!


I was super excited by the art I saw around the zoo. My favorite piece was the one below - from a Dutch story about a little boy who wants to slide down the neck of a giraffe and eventually does. 

Dikkertje Dap climbed the ladder.
Early in the morning
At a quarter past seven.
To give the Giraffe a sugar cube.
Hello giraffe, said Dikkertje Dap.
You know what I got?
Red boots for the rain.
Youre kidding? Said the giraffe.
Dikkertje, Dikkertje, Dikkertje,
Dikkertje, I stand in awe!

Oh, giraffe, said Dikkertje Dap.
I have so much more to tell you.
I can already spell three letters.
A, B, C, isnt that smart?
I can almost do math.
I can draw beautiful dolls.
Good grief, said the giraffe.
Dude, dude, dude, dude, Im stunned.

Say giraffe, said Dikkertje Dap.
May I secretly
Slide down your neck?
Just for fun?
Do you think the Artis* ground,
Will be very hard when I hit the ground?
Go right ahead, said the giraffe.
Go right ahead and slide down!

Dikkertje Dap, climbed off the ladder,
With a scary big step.
Onto the neck of the giraffe,
Dikkertje Dap pushed himself off
Weeeee!** He was gliding down pretty fast
All the way to the very end of the little giraffes tail.
Boom! Ow! Goodbye giraffe,
Said Dikkertje Dap.
Tomorrow Ill be right back here.
Tomorrow Ill be right back here.
Tomorrow Ill be right back here with a ladder.

— Annie M. G. Schmidt

Giraffe Slide!

Speaking of sliding down giraffes... The giraffe slide was a ton of fun!


I didn't think I was a fan of seals, but after watching them for what seemed like an hour just gracefully swimming under water so happy and free, I couldn't help but fall in love!

Healthy Snacks

The food at the food court was ok, but what surprised me was these healthy snack cherry tomatoes! I'd love to see more fresh food like that in food courts in America. 

So if you're visiting Amsterdam and want to have a fun and relaxing day, go to the zoo!